our local Group, each week on Felpham Beach 9-10am


Whether you are new to exercise, like to jog a bit or are a full on runner, our group is for you.  

We run the group each week as a free advice session for those people either transitioning to a Vegan diet or those just wanting to meet up with other vegans and share information.  As a Vegan nutritionist I am there to offer advice and ideas for you to maintain this awesome diet and lifestyle you are on.  We do not judge, we are happy for people interested in Vegan diet and lifestyles come along and ask questions to see if it's for them.  If you are unable to exercise or can only walk short distances that's also not a problem, we can go as slow as needed, its not a running club or race of any kind.

You can bring a flask or there is a cafe on the beach that you can buy drinks and food from (not much vegan though sadly).

I always have samples of my superfoods with me so if you fancy just changing one thing add some of these to your diet in food or shakes and get some extra goodness in you.  They are just a £1 on Sundays (normally £2.85).

Its just for an hour so you can still enjoy your Sundays, come on down and meet some new people and share your journey.  You will always be welcome.

Samantha-Jayne x

Sunday Group Videos