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TOP TIP - Use banana, apple sauce, flaxseed etc for an egg replacer in recipes that are not vegan.  See our you tube video! Coming soon.


Mango ICE CREAM with frozen berries.

Blend 2 whole bananas (previously chopped and frozen) in the blender with 2 tbsp of cold Mango puree, or freshly frozen mango.  add more fruit if its too thin or more water/juice if its too thick. Pour into a bowl and add frozen berries for a super sweet and chilled dessert, sprinkle with almonds and a tsp of forever beautiful superfoods. ta-da!

Its not naughty and it is nice!  enjoy.

(see photo on left)


Isnt vegan cooking more time Consuming and complicated?

NO, it’s the opposite! Vegan cooking is quicker and simpler, you just have to re-wire your brain into not trying to make a meal based around 1 main ingredient such as a chop, steak or roasted meat.  Its also better because there isn't any cross contamination of meat or fish for example, or wondering if it’s cooked through.


My Vegan Chilli recipe with raw Cauliflower rice

even non-vegans are going to love this - its filling, flavourful, and looks impressive too!

Here is what you will need:


this will serve 4, although I double it for us lot  of 6.:

3 onions, I prefer red for this recipe

tsp coconut oil

1x Jar of Sun-Fired Peppers, these are essential for this to really sing!  you can buy them in jars in sainsurys, in the taste the difference range.  They have some kick which helps with the chilli flavour too as well as an amazing colour.  Keep the oil to use too.

1x tin Kidney beans - sooooo good for you.

3x cloves or garlic - big ones!

Tinned Tomatoes about 800g

300g fresh tomatoes - various types, red, yellow etc.  Always buy the best you can for flavour, it won't be the same on basic cheap tomatoes.

2 heaped TBSP Tomato Purée, a staple in our fridge.

half a small red chilli, or chilli powder.  Buy and use fresh when you can as the nutrient content and flavour is so much better.

Handful of coriander.

for the cauliflower rice:

1-2 Cauliflowers, depending on size.  you could also serve this with green salad, or rice if you prefer.  I love the raw cauliflower texture and of course its so much better for you.  cooking anything destroys and breakdown essential bits and mins.

So..... lets get cooking.

In a pan place your cut up onions in a small amount of coconut oil.  I like to taste the onions so don't cut up too small as they do shrink as they cook.  Once softened add the garlic and chilli, cook for a few mins then add in all the other ingredients and cook for about 15mins -  keep back the coriander until the last 5 mins.  You can also add some of the sun-fired pepper oil from the jar if you prefer to whack up the flavour.  Taste to check hotness, you can add more chilli or peppers if needed.  When its almost ready throw in your handful of coriander - such an amazing herb!

in the last few mins, put small florets of cauliflower into the blender and blend on slow for a few seconds until its like a rice texture and size.  Serve with corn chips - vegan ones!

SAUCE - if you'd like my cheese sauce recipe to drizzle over the top, keep an eye on our You Tube Channel VERY NICE VEGAN, as it should be live in the next few days.

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free vegan recipes


Homemade HUMmuS in one easy step!

Using a small blender such as a Ninja. Simply add in the following and blend!!

1 tin of drained chickpeas

1 tbsp tahini

Juice of half a lemon 🍋 

1 garlic clove

2 tbsp Aquafab (this is the chickpea juice)

After mixing if it's a little thick, add a tsp at a time of aquafab (chickpea tin juice) until consistency is reached. You can also add more lemon juice.

(Leftover chickpea juice can be used to make vegan meringue - see our videos on this on you tube, click to subscribe for our latest videos). 

Recipe note: you can also add in some red peppers or chilli flakes or black pepper or a herb such as coriander or basil or dill, beetroot also works well.

Store in a tub in the fridge for 5-7 days although in our house about 2 hours before it’s gone!

its so versatile Hummus, we have it on toast, in sandwiches, wraps, watered down with lemon juice for a fab salad dressing, in burger rolls, on pizza etc etc


My super fast pizza recipe!  Takes just 5mins to make and 7 mins to cook!

(ah, sorry, you will have to wait for the cookbook for this one!) or attend one of my courses


Victoria sponge:

175g Vegan butter - use Natural, from Sainsbury's.  it doesn't have palm oil!

265g Caster Sugar (be aware normal caster sugar is filtered through bone char -yuk! - use evaporated cane juice or organic sugar etc when you can).

175g almond or oat milk.

175g vegan yoghurt like Alpro

2.5 tsp vanilla bean paste

350g s/r flour

1 tsp baking powder

3/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda/baking soda


125g vegan butter

220g icing sugar

1tsp vanilla bean paste

strawberry or raspberry or blackberry jam - whichever you like really!

oven on @ 180c

you need 2 20cm tins, lined or greased

cream butter and sugar in mixer until fluffy.

add yoghurt, milk, vanilla, flour, bicarbonate of soda and baking powder to mixer slowly, spoon at a time. make a smooth batter - use a whisk.

stop as soon as mixed or your sponge with not be fluffy.

pour equally into tins, bake for 20mins roughly, keep a check every 5 mins after that.  I use a cocktail stick to see if it comes out clean and dry to see when its cooked.

cool on a wire rack.

when completely cooled, spread jam on one and top with the wicked butter, icing sugar and vanilla.  place other sponge on top.  try not to eat it all at once! lol. enjoy! x

Salad dressings to try


Salad dressing

If you are anything like me and love your salads, then you will know the thing that can make it great is the DRESSING..

try these 3 recipes as let us know your favourite..

You will need to use a small blender such as a ninja - if you don't have one, you can do this in a small bowl with a whisk.

Tahini dressing

juice of half a lemon

1 tbsp of water

1tablespoon of tahini

about 20 chickpeas (leave until the end)

small amount of chopped coriander

and 2 tbsp of vegan mayo (follow your heart one in Sainsbury's is fab)

Add it all to the blender, apart from the chickpeas, and whisk about for about 20 seconds, you may need to scrape down the sides as you go.  taste - you may wish to add more lemon or herbs for example, I also like to add some chilli flakes.  pour into a bowl or jug and add 10 chickpeas, squash them with your finger or a spoon before adding.  It adds another dimension to your dressing.

Pour over your salad and enjoy!

recipe notes: I like to add chilli flakes to mine too, just a few in the blender, also you can add a pinch or turmeric for a more pleasing colour.

Houmous dressing

This is even easier - thin down some humous with lemon juice, pour over your salad and you are done!

Sweet Date dressing

another sweeter dressing is make the above humous dressing but add it to a blender with a date (deseeded).  it adds sweetness but without sugar.