How I can help you.

So what do you need help with?

So what do you need help with?

So what do you need help with?


Finding where to start can be tricky and it may seem a daunting task becoming vegan.  The first thing on your journey to being healthier, less sick and more inspired in life is to change your diet.  I don't mean a short term diet to loose weight and then go back to what you were doing before but a complete, life changing, body boosting change.  A diet of healthy plant based foods that can only make you stronger and healthier - you can't actually go wrong!  But don't swap beef burgers for vegan burgers - actually use whole foods for the best diet you can get.

If you need help with a specific thing just message us via Facebook or our website - we are here to help every step of the way.  Our on-line course available soon, will guide you through this whole transition, with support groups, free recipes, nutritional info etc.

Courses and Events

So what do you need help with?

So what do you need help with?


Keep an eye out for our new course dates. we can help you first hand here if you are struggling a bit changing to a vegan/plant based diet.  Remember it will take time - you cannot just switch into being a Vegan.  You need to retrain your brain a bit, and rethink your relationship with food, eating and cooking,

Let us guide you in our courses.  we also do courses for existing vegans who would like to learn more about using raw foods, dehydrators etc etc.  Make sure you subscribe to get the dates ASAP

If you have a group you would like me to speak to, I also have public speaking bookable appointments - see further for times and costs.

What about Kiddies...

So what do you need help with?

Next Steps - Clothing and Cleaning


We have 4 children and are very aware of correct nutrition in our boys.  One of the main reasons we started using the superfoods to start was to ensure we got enough vitamins and minerals into them while we figured our way through changing our diet.   We continue to use superfoods as a boost to our whole food healthy diets we now follow.  

 The VEG1 vitamin supplement is a must for all vegans but particularly for kiddies as it contain the correct B12 and selenium that children must have on a vegan diet.  It's not as hard as it sounds and is something we also cover on our courses.  but get them involved, teach them about the nutrition as you are learning - they will love to be part of it and make their own choices on foods - and with vegan foods there really isn't any bad ones!

Next Steps - Clothing and Cleaning

Have any questions? We want to work together with you.

Next Steps - Clothing and Cleaning


Once you have made that change to your foods you may start to think about other things in your life such as clothing made from animals, cleaning products, make-up etc.  There are some great vegan brands out there. Be aware of glues, metal work and colour dyes that can all use animal products.  its a bit of a minefield to start but it will become easier the more you learn -  think ethical, sustainable and no cheap labour items - it is a journey, x. 

Look out for things like leather trims and feathers on hats etc too.  You'd be surprised!

Have any questions? We want to work together with you.

Have any questions? We want to work together with you.

Have any questions? We want to work together with you.

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Message us via facebook or via our contact form on the website. ask anything! everything!  we only want to inspire you, to help you feel better and be healthier.  I always say I feel my veganism is more of a religion, in that its effected every part of my life, and keeps on doing so.  So there will be lots of questions I'm sure!  we have a Facebook group, and an exclusive group for people on our courses including a weekly live session to help you stay on track.





BOOK on my Introduction course - either our on-line course (being released in the next few weeks) or our worksop 4 hour course in Sussex by the sea.  

WHATS INCLUDED in our 4 hr Sussex Workshop:

The courses are for new vegans or those wishing to expand their menu - we cover some breakfast options, main courses, snacks and some smoothies.  Also something for the kiddies.

We will take you through some basic nutrition, some dos and don'ts and show you some easy swaps to move towards a plant based vegan lifestyle.  You will help cook, and taste as we go.  Lunch is provided too.  Small friendly groups of 10-12 max.

BOOK NOW- limited places available.

  • FREE exclusive VERY BUSY APRON!
  • We will showy how to be Happier and Healthier
  • Kickstart your new Vegan Lifestyle
  • Get great hits and tips to make vegan easy
  • limited places - Book early to avoid missing out.  April date almost full!



Vegan Cookery Workshop,10-2pm

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A 4 hour workshop in our beautiful Sussex Kitchens. 

There is a £25 discount voucher for a limited time available only from our Facebook page



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