Be happy and healthy in 2020 - become VEGAN


COURSES to guide you into a happier healthier lifestyle


4hr Vegan Cookery Workshop 10am-2pm.

Run from our VERY BUSY VEGAN kitchens, you will have such a great day!  Drinks and Lunch are included and we have some free giveaways including our exclusive VERY BUSY VEGAN apron!

Our courses run in April, May, June and July this year.  BOOK NOW as places go quickly.  We like to keep our groups small and personal, so sessions book out fast.  All courses are run by myself.  I am a vegan nutritionalist and I'm a mum of 4, living the vegan life!  Its a friendly atmosphere, the chance for you to ask questions and enjoy the day.  You will come away inspired and looking forward to your vegan journey.

This workshop is designed for new vegans, or those wishing to expand their menu - we cover some breakfast options, main courses, snacks and some smoothies.  We also cover Vegan ice cream!!

During the day we will take you through some basic nutrition, some dos and don'ts and show you some easy swaps to move towards a plant based vegan lifestyle.  You will help cook, and taste as we go.  Lunch is provided too.BOOK NOW- limited places available.

  • FREE exclusive VERY BUSY APRON!
  • We will showy how to be Happier and Healthier
  • Kickstart your new Vegan Lifestyle
  • Get great hits and tips to make vegan easy
  • limited places - Book early to avoid missing out.  April date almost full!





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For new Vegans or those wishing to expand their menu / knowledge.

Our On-Line Course or "Journey"

Our On-line course or "journey", will take you through the initial steps necessary to transition to a VEGAN diet and healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to be healthier?

Less sick?

Do you know which things that you eat are making you sick?

Are you spending fortune going to then gym but your weight keeps yo-yo-ing back?

Is your complexion and skin often flaring up?

Do you lack the confidence to change to being vegan, even though you want to be healthy?

Do you spend a fortune on facials, fad diets, etc but just not feeling any better?

Are you sooo busy and just need an easy quick plan to health?

Do you have children and want to bring them up in a healthy happy way?

Are you overweight but can see a step to help?

is your self-esteem low?

Are you fed up with taking drugs and medicines maybe?

Well if any of the above are you - I can not only save you a fortune (because gyms, facials and fad diets are not cheap!) but I can make you feel so much better, less sick and more healthy. and therefore HAPPY.

I want to help you to be HAPPIER and HEALTHIER than you've ever been.  To inspire you to be better in your lifestyle, to offer you ways to be more planet friendly in your buying choices and to become aware of why its critical to your health to do so. This course will help you, in the following ways:

* Membership to our Exclusive Group for support and advice, during and after your course. 

*FREE 15 min video chat with me to get you started.

* Nut milks and alternatives to dairy.  How to swop and why dairy isn't health.

* Give you sufficient Nutritional information and Health guidance along the way.

* Explain which Supplements are best for adults and children, and why.

* Guide you through easy first Recipes to get you started with both videos and downloads.

* Gives you some ways to handle social situations.

* Eating-out guide

* Childrens swaps and recipes

* Nutritional Wall chart, to make sure you eat what you need. 

* Access to blog

* Pets 

* Going away guide for holidays and breaks as couples, singles or a Family.

* Our guide to the best vegan kitchen equipment you will need.

* Discount vouchers for future Workshops, Journeys and retreats.

* Food guide and menu plans, easy to download and print.

* Tofu - what on earth to do with it!

* Palm oil and other things to look out for.

* Information on Raw Vegan diets and dehydrating

* Our help with shopping, where to shop, what to buy, what to check on labels etc.

* Background to the Vegan Movement and to why it is so important we all share this way of life.

* Nutritional yeast, how to use, why and best recipes.

* Smoothies and buddy bowls for health and speed.

* Cancer, Diabetes and Obesity, how a vegan diet can literally save your life.

* Lunch on the hop.

*Over 60 healthy recipes for Very Busy Vegans, to get you started, With videos & Downloads

and much, much more!  You will finish the course leaving confident in your new journey towards a healthier you. 


Recipes for some amazing vegan foods for you to cook at home.

One of our healthy Vegan breakfast options on our courses for you to make at home. Beautiful!