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Hello, bet you are wondering who we are, well...

I am Samantha Staniforth, founder of our Very Nice Vegan company.  Myself, my husband Robert and our 4 boys live within a 5 min walk to the sea, in Sussex.  We have 4 boys aged  6-15 and can’t shout enough about a  VEGAN lifestyle.  We want to inspire and empower you through your vegan, greener lifestyle journey and will offer any help we can to guide you.  You will be happy and healthier - trust me!

We’ve been Vegan for over 3 years now, previously vegetarian before we realised that just wasn’t enough.  Our boys very much led our change and over the past few years we have slowly re-wired our brains into a total vegan lifestyle.  We are not perfect, but we are trying!  If you’d like to know more visit us on facebook or You Tube for some of our videos and info about our lives.  Whether  you  are  vegan  for  your health,  the  animals  or  the  planet its  a  choice you will  never  look  back  on.

We sell awesome vegan products that we have personally used and we sell vegan cakes at markets around the South when we can.  We can supply cafes and restaurants too.  We  bake  everything  from  our  Sussex  kitchen, nothing  is  bought  in.  We also show recipes and hints and tips for a greener vegan lifestyle.

We DO NOT HAVE A  HIGH  STREET SHOP  yet  sadly,  but  sell  online  products  through  our website and facebook  page, we can post to anywhere in the UK and we can delivery locally  too.   We  are  hoping  to  be  on  the  road  with  a  new food  trailer  in the coming months as  well and  will  let  you  know  when  we  are  in  your  area.   We are working on a long term vegan plan! So watch this space!!!

We offer cakes and savouries, soups and other yummy bakes to order frozen locally including our famous mushroom wellington roasts. Cakes are supplied in freezer packs of 10s. Our cake selections to be grabbed out of the freezer at home.  Great for packed lunches or for family meals. 

We also supply large chocolate cakes for celebrations, such as birthday parties - our triple layer chocolate shard cakes are the most popular with our own chocolate work. Available fresh or frozen.

I absolutely love Vegan cooking, the colours, fresh ingredients veg and aromas are amazing.  No processed foods for us!  

I also run a Facebook page called “Very Nice Vegan“, see the photo below.  I love to share my stories, recipes and spread the word about being vegan, so if you are interested please look me up there.  (We don’t preach or display animal rights info but do show how very sad the dairy industry is for people’s knowledge as I believe if more people knew the real cost of dairy, they too would refrain from buying it).  we've just started a support page too for people who are struggling.

We are also involved in some local charity work and run “Olive Tree Cottage Community Open House”, for families with special needs children and the wider community, including free food for those in need via Tesco Fairshare scheme one day a week.  Look us up on Facebook :)

We have some free videos on  YOU  TUBE too  and  instagram  so  you  can  see  us  anywhere!

Have a great healthy vegan day :)

Samantha-Jayne Staniforth

Very Nice Vegan, Sussex.

Fresh baked vegan banana brownies
one of our best sellers at markets
Fresh baked vegan banana brownies one of our best sellers at markets
Vegan Public speaking very nice vegan Samantha Staniforth

Public Speaking - Book me for your event

Book me for your event

Public speaking events

1 hr, £185

Do you want to inspire your workplace, family or company to be vegan and healthy? Book me for an hours passionate talk on becoming Vegan, how to transition with a family and children etc.

Vegan cooking Demonstration

1 hr 30 mins, £325

Talk and demonstration on some simple and easy to follow recipes, ideal for new vegans or people wishing to change their diet and be healthy. Your group will go away inspired and with free tasters and information to read at home.

1 to 1, cooking class on vegan foods

1 hr, £95

A personal cooking class on easy swap out foods and dishes for new vegans or those with dietary allergies requiring a change of food plans. Includes a main, breakfast and dessert.  All done in our Sussex kitchen, accommodation can be supplied too from £60 a night.  everything included including lunch.

1:1 Video Desktop chat

30 min, £85

If you prefer to speak to people face to face - this is a computer desktop video conference call for you (and friends if they want to join in at your computer.  we can go through any areas you are finding difficult, give you some tips on easy first swaps when changing your diet and a brief nutrition chat. 

How to book

just send us a message by clicking th button and we can send you some dates. minimum 14 days notice required.


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